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Since its beginnings, Glamrock has based its philosophy on trust and the needs of artists, management and promoters. Over the last ten years, we have become a solid and reliable company in the evolving and continually changing Latin American market.
At Glamrock we connect artists with their fans all over the continent, seeking the best options and highest quality of shows. We focus on the professionalism of each local promoter in the region.

The long-term relationship we maintain with the clients and partners is our priority.

Artist Booking

We handle tour arrangements and booking of shows for many major Latino and Anglo artists. We work closely with management and booking agencies to put together the right touring experience.

Talent Booking

We are consultants on the artistic line-up for many of the key festivals in Latin America.


We work hand in hand with the leading press agencies in Latin America, ensuring that the artists we work with have maximum exposure in regards to positioning, with an emphasis on follow-up and relevant promotion.

Promotion and Development

We design the ideal promotion plan for each artist according to their specific needs and their target markets.


We produce shows,  corporate events, marketing launches,  brand evenings, private events and thematic parties.

Product development

We provide exclusive merchandising products for developing their needs on the market.